Monday, May 28, 2018

It's been a long wild ride this few years and i've been out of tech, in back to tech, then out again from tech but never away from it. I will post some of the pictures summing up the new stuff i've dealt and enjoyed with, how the world changed in these past ten years and how it's gonna keep changing in the next ten years and so on. Stay tuned, but not obsessively.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

TechNews : TrackingPoint - Linux Powered Rifle < Hot damn !

The PGF isn't just a fancy scope on top of a rifle. All together, the PGF is made up of a firearm, a modified trigger mechanism with variable weighting, the computerized digital tracking scope, and hand-loaded match grade rounds (which you need to purchase from TrackingPoint). This is a little like selling both the razor and the razor blades, but the rounds must be manufactured to tight tolerances since precise guidance of a round to a target by the rifle's computer requires that the round perform within known boundaries.
Well hot damn, this gun also automatically adjusts the trigger sensitivity to reduce uncertainty of the shooter and the target. My point of view ? its a new baby toy for new generations of shooters. Its like have a console to cheat while shooting, nice. They just brought auto-aim to us.

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

[Tech News] BD's Cheetah and Sand Flea

The last i checked on Boston Dynamics's creation was the "Petman", a humanoid like robot. Just recently a month ago i checked back and saw these babies, oh god i want one of those ! The Cheetah, my dog will freak out so bad seeing them.

RHex is kinda impressive, suited for rough terrain. Just imagine they made these back in Vietnam war for the bad times or deployed during post-earthquakes conditions.
Sand Flea is a good flea for a toy if you catch my drift. Can't wait to attach speakers on them and do shouts on people's roof. Just imagine how far human technologies can go in the next few years, we already have prosthetic limbs that works close alike to our natural limbs and helped although currently only those who can afford. Inspector Gadget, anyone ?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

[Tech News] Microsoft 3D screen research

This is simply Amaizing !

It's been awhile since my last update as stuffs keep piling up in front of me while I kept sorting out the others. Will update with more stuffs ASAP, hopefully this week !

Friday, December 16, 2011

PC News : Hard Drive manufacturers reducing warranty periods

Seagate and Western Digital are cutting back on hard drive warranties, in some instances from five years to one, in order to save money or redirect it to product development.

Seagate's warranties on certain drives will be reduced as of Dec. 31, and WD will follow beginning Jan. 2. All drives shipped prior to those dates will continue to carry the current warranty term associated with the products.

The warranty period reductions, first reported by The Register, mean some of Seagate's and WD's most popular drives for desktops and laptops will no longer carry three- or five-year warranties.
In an email response to Computerworld, Seagate said it was reducing warranty periods as a way to standardize its terms "to be more consistent with those commonly applied throughout the consumer electronics and technology industries.

"By aligning to current industry standards, Seagate can continue to focus its investments on technology innovation and unique product features that drive value for our customers," the company said.
In other words, Seagate is redirecting money previously spent on upholding longer warranties in order to invest in product development.
Source >> Hard drive manufacturers slash warranty periods

By short, they're cutting the warranty periods of 5 to 3 (this isn't new) and 3 to 2 years (now this is new).
Still, no matter if they change it to 1 year or 5 years warranty period, we still need to get some redundancy on the important data we hold in case shit-hits-the-fan.

*psst, my DVD-RW still serves it purpose static data storage.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sony's Immersive Movie Experience - FTW !!!

Seriously ? I wish to have a Holodeck as chrismas present this year !

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

World's Biggest Android Tablet

I want the screen, ditch the tablet !

Internet Censorship - The old-new censorship

Current advancement of mobile tech which allows people to surf the net and do more than browsing, we get to record videos, take pictures, send mails or files instantly to the web.

With such convenience, comes another issue, censorship and restrictions.
Sometimes this can be applied by a country's admin or the ISP just with a little solid evidence of "breaking the law", not even broke....yet.

The censorship can be used as a effective method to block out unwanted or bad web sites, but at the same time can be a political tool or propaganda. For example, China with the great firewall or some western countries with laws that prohibits file sharing or P2P services or even videos of truth gets altered, modified, falsified and blocked out from the public's view or knowledge. The internet has become a new playground for the modern battlefield since 1990s and got hotter after the 2K, lol.

Lets see how it can impact alot on our lives :
Start with the most basic need for the internet then the downside of it,

Knowledge / News, It used to be a unbiased format for delivering news to the people with wide audience from all country, with various constructive discussion. Again, being easily altered and falsify without proper or real source it can be doing a devastating effect on the public like using scare tactics for various purposes.

Entertainment, used to be a medium that brings international entertainment to one cable. Nowadays, custom tailored to selected audience in selected country thus creating the wall around the people instead of bridges.

Work efficiency, it usually helps encourage less usage of paper for reprinting purposes and spreading works across the globe easily and working anywhere. But this again gets affected when entertainment can be accessed easily, which then comes those who are less computer literate that exposes company secret to the competitions accidentally*.

Information/data sharing, back then internet is a place for sharing pure creativity and self-improvements. Somehow, the world isn't filled with a 100% of these people. Its filled with people who wanted instant fame and attention thus sharing stuffs that isn't supposed to be sharing or stuffs not "cool" at all.

Ok, those are few of the effect of the internet on our lives and there's more of it, depending of what we're talking about, this is just a general view on things about it. The censorship comes in and does it job to filter out those unwanted stuffs, ie like mad porns or accidentally exposed porn (dumbazz), falsified news webs, again more crap videos, and other illegal stuffs. Fine with that, not much of effect. But it's a two sided coin that is able to help or destroy.

Most massive impact is on knowledge/news, where politics battle across the web with false accusation, image destroying battle for votes or anything that crosses the word "politics".

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tech News : Boston Dynamics - PETMAN

T-800 anyone ?
Those who don't know or recall who BD is, they're the ones who is part of the team that made the BigDog, four legged bot.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tech/Science : Quantum Levitation (Mag Levitation)

Hoping to see more developed tech based on that which no longer requires the super cooled conductor below -160c to work !

Also, read more about it on :