Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nonsense update: Just got a cheap Azz case.

I got this case through an online sales, surprisingly the date written on the case shows year " 2004 ", either the year it's being shipped into our country or being sold. The case is in very very good condition and guess what ? it only costs me RM50 to replace my old rusty casing.

Using a PC with a cheap case without a 24/7 air-conditioned room, surely the case will get rusty especially on the edges or places such as metal which wear or scratches exists. That's why I prefer using an aluminum or alloy casing over the normal coated steel casings after so many years toying with computers (although pricey, but worth it and considered as a good long term investment, lol). Cleaning is also a problem with SECC (Steel, Electrically Chromate Coated) cases as SECC do rust after its coating wears off. When rusting happens, cleaning will not help and only re-spray the case will save it.
Cleaning on alu cases are far far easier than SECC case, just dismantle all its parts > wash it with water > dry it > re-assemble it back into one piece. No need to worry about rusts unless the nuts and some screws that can't be removed is not rust resistance or alloy based.

In conclusion, is my new cheap azz casing alu. case ? nope ? why ? because that old PC is not much of a concern to me as it serves as a printing or light gaming machine for my big brother.

Anyway, I'm gonna upgrade my system soon and will get you guys some update on what I promised sometime ago....what was it again ? Yes! "Techs that convinces you to buy and not to" and also on "How to clean your own computer periodically". Stay tuned !