Saturday, July 24, 2010

[MY ARTWORK] Terminator - Dirty T-800 (lol)

While having a non-functional brain for a day due to sore throat because of eating too much nugget and fries with my gang, I gave photoshop a run to whip up something. At first i thought of drawing some dude with a gun, but heck i never get the angles right with a mouse. So with just a mouse (i wish i had a wacom tab with me), I drew away starting from the head with the skull features and thinking I won't be able to draw anything more than the shapes.

Hour later, I somehow notice I've done more than what I first expected and I continued. for 3 hours, its finally done. lol. My dirty Terminator model T-800.....with upper torso ONLY. Maybe later I'll pickup where i left off or maybe not.

Tools of the trade ?

  • A logitech optical mouse 
  • A laptop 
  • A 23 inch screen
  • Photoshop CS3