Friday, September 25, 2009

My personal Netbooks(Net-tops) and Notebooks (Laptops) point of view.

Recently i wanted to get myself a Netbook, however i'm in tight of budget for something else and ended up drooling for one instead of owning one. But damn soon i'll get one when the spec is right !

A came across few of my friends (each at a different time) and we talked about mobile computers, laptops, etc etc...and i told them i'm planning to get one netbook myself. Most of them own a laptop which i'm kinda embarrassed to say i don't own one even i really needed it. *sob

After telling one of my friend about how i liked those little things, the most often opinion i get from them is " but these notebooks are damn slow compare to those bigger ones" . It's true but i had different point of view, to clear things up i decided to write an explanation on *why i think these little stuffs are better in most ways.

What is a netbook ? Its basically a smaller sized 7 inch ~11 inch brother compare to our 13inch ~ 17inch laptops. They are basically smaller in size, lighter in weight more portable than any portability a laptop can get.

My own POV for getting a Netbook  :
Let's just imagine you're a businessmen, student or a person who needs a computer most of the time, you need your pc to do word processing, accounting, studying, or even gaming or web surfing.

After so many years of innovation and technology improvement, laptops are getting bigger and bulkier instead of getting more portable. The first main reason for the need of laptop is to enable a person to carry around a small and portable sized computer. Back in the days where laptop is sized like 2 military's 50cal ammo box strapped together then later we have a laptop sized as thick as an oxford dictionary and now we still see them as thick as a marketing text book.

The last smallest laptop i've used for more than 2 hours is the Apple MacBook 13inch with the Nvidia 9400 inrergrated. Any laptop above 13 inch is consider too much to carry around for me, why ? why the f*** do i want carry around a piece of equipment sized at 15 inch and weights over 2kg. I don't feel the likeness of bringing a big arse laptop bag into the tight cubic sized public toilet while i'm having no where else to place it while i'm doing my business.
Some will say " Well ? leave the bag with your friend ", i'd say "I don't suppose you have friend with you all the time".

Netbooks are mostly sized from 8 inches to 11 inches and weights from 1kg to 1.5kg, depending on specifications and material used.

Naturally most people will judge an object or something on its size, but at least do not compare apples to oranges. The specs on a netbook are very much different compare to the laptops while laptops can have the specs of a netbook which is very much brainless to do so.

A typical netbook consists of some low powered and less power consuming hardwares like an Intel Atom 2xx cpu, an Intel Integrated GMA950 series graphics chipset, 1 Gigabytes of memory, wireless network and 160 Gigabytes of storage capacity without optical drives. (get a slim external drive)

A typical notebook consists of the usual very near desktop performance CPUs , Intel Intergrated GMA 4xxx series graphics chipset, 1 Gigabytes of memory, wireless network and 160 Gigabytes of storage capacity with optical drives.

Most users who needed a laptop have one primary need from a laptop, to do everything except gaming, and their second need is to game if possible. The specs of a netbook can easily handle any daily softwares like MS Word , Internet Explorer, music players. If you have the freetime, you can go through the links which i will post later in the same post to showcase what *games , YES GAMES , can a netbook handle from low end or old dated games to current games.

Its true netbooks are less performing compare to laptops, but who ever needs a laptop mainly for gaming i'd say you must be rich and must be a mad gamer and sorry, the main idea of laptop is not gaming. It still falls back to portable and efficient problem.

Estimated performance between netbooks and laptops :
Worksheet performance : netbooks are near equally fast as laptops (how fast can MS word go ? its not a game dammit !)

Gaming performance : netbooks are naturally slow due to the specifications, some are able to play games like COD4 at low res and quality. Gaming on a mobile platform isn't cool, unless you're paying 10k for that piece of thing.

Battery performance : Hahahaha , laptop you say ? NO , its netbook's best card. Netbook beats laptop 3>1 here with its 3 hours battery life AT LEAST.

After reading, you will still wonder why netbook ? well if you ask me to get a fast laptop because its pointless for getting a netbook, i'd rather want it to be power efficient, portable and able to get my spreadsheets done.
Heavy gaming on a laptop might as well spend my time gaming on a desktop.

Last thing to justify getting a netbook, the price.
The performance of a RM1.3k netbook is almost equivalent to a 14inch+ RM1.6k laptop and netbook sports a 3 hours at least of battery life compare to a laptop with 1 hour and 40 min of battery life at max. Its light , it can be as fast as the bigger low-end siblings, its able to work for 3 hours least, less heat and costs lesser. Why not netbook ?

The only reason for getting a laptop is when you don't want a desktop, and able to find a wall plug everywhere and don't mind the performance of the machine.


One viewer commented on the 2nd video :

"Only uneducated will pay for a netbook over the notebook? You are either very naive or very young. I travel a lot and the 2 most important things for me are: small footprint (typing on planes), long battery. My wife has a desktop replacement laptop, which is fine and has its place ,like the specs with a big screen below. The netbook market is booming for a reason. Now with the ION the fact that I can frag out to CoD4 and other games is fantastic! Even get some playtime!"

I have to agree with this guy who commented on youtube !

Btw, on first video ! FRIGGIN OWNAGE HERE PAL ! COD4 ! (still show awesomeness although its on low settings)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

LCD REVIEW : ACER H233H 23.6 inch WideScreen LCD

reviewed by LHTY
(No copy/paste without approval)

My Samsung 2253TQ was sent back for warranty and it came back to me after a few weeks, but its a Samsung 2233SWPlus as a replacement. I sold the LCD to my friend Tommy right after i tested it for a few hours(Don't worry, i will do a re-test on the 2233SWPlus when i get the chance). The reason of selling was the marketed 5ms instead of what i wanted, a 2ms lCD.

After searching and surveying the market for 22 inch LCDs with 2ms spec, i nearly gave up on searching due to the price for 22inch 2ms. As days passed by, i searched around the web for 23 inch and i came by the Acer H233H. Around most I.T oriented peoples, Acer is very much being *left out when they are shopping for LCDs or Laptops, some say the quality is not so good compare to others and some say its problematic. I come by this sayings often and it has given me an expression to avoid getting Acer, until whats left is Acer in my LCD list.

The Acer H233H is packed up nicely in a cool looking black box with great looking design (hey, I do stare at the boxes if they're looking good).

As you can see above, the few bright white words are the touch sensitive buttons. So its no longer the old button mechanism which could be damaged when we press around too often (they hardly spoil anyway).

Package includes :
  • Acer H233H 23.6inch LCD
  • DVI / HDMI (not shown in picture)/ VGA cables
  • LCD stand / Driver Discs / Multilingual Manual

• 23" wide-screen TFT LCD
Panel Technology
• TN (twisted nematic)
Maximum Resolution / Maximum Refresh Rate
• 1920 x 1080 / 75Hz
Dynamic Contrast Ratio
• 40000:1
Horizontal / Vertical Viewing Angles & Frequency
• Viewing Angles: 160° / 160°

Frequency: 54.2KHz - 83.8KHz / 49.0Hz - 75Hz
• 300 cd/m2
Response Time
• 5ms
Pixel Pitch
• 0.265mm
Maximum Colors Supported
• 16.7 million
Color Saturation
• 72% NTSC
• Six + HiFRC (high frame rate control)
Acer® CrystalBrite Technology
• No
Signal Connectors
Power Supply
• 100V - 240V
AC Adapter
• Internal
Power Consumption
• On: 31.7W
Off: 0.72W
Sleep: 0.76W
• Two 1.5W integrated speakers
Mechanical Adjustments
• Tilt: Yes
Swivel: No
Pivot: No
Height adjustment: No
Detachable foot stand: Yes
Kensington® Lock / VESA Wall Mount
• Supported
Dimensions & Weight
• 21.7" (552.0mm) W x 6.8" (171.6mm) D x 16.1" (408.0mm) H

10.8 lb. (4.9kg)
• Energy Star®
Chassis Color
• Black
Limited Warranty*
• Three-year parts and labor limited warranty*



BLACK LEVEL TEST:(standard 255LV test)
I think I have to point out is the Dynamic Contrast and Responds Rate, the stated specification on the Acer website shows its product running 40k Dynamic Contrast and 5ms Responds Rate, the model i have now sports a 80k Dynamic Contrast and 2ms Responds Rate. This brings a question on why it's showing different spec on the website and the actually market product.

GRID , UT3, Ghost busters: The Video Game , Call of Duty 2 

 COLOUR PRESET :  Graphics

Terminator Salvation 4 min 1080p trailer, Silent City 720p, I am Legend 1080p, Shrek The Third, 60sec Fraps recorded COD2 gameplay.


NOTICE : The pictures displayed is not any print screen picture, it's a direct camera shot. Please do not judge solely on the pictures itself as the camera is not any DSLR camera which enables manual preset shutter speed and iso settings. The displayed pictures are to show you how exactly the display looks like.
 With the lack of proper testing hardwares, the result may be vary depending on each person's point of view and exeprience.  



 The Acer H233H displayed an impressive 254 score out of 255 ! This shows the H233H is capable to showing more objects in the dark. 



A racing game developed by the team who created the Operation : Flashpoint and Colin McRae Rally series. It features realistic graphics and vehicle physics, GRID is used for motion test for the LCD in order to determine whether its capable of giving good quality gaming. Racing game naturally do not need ultra-fast responds from LCD, a 5ms is more than enough for it.


As I was testing a 3 round drift match and an a Pro-Tune match and replaying it throughout the 6 total laps, the Acer H233H is capable of displaying objects fast enough without any lag.

After playing a few more rounds i'd say the Acer H233H is more than capable of playing driving games, no lag or any bad motion ghosting noticed.



The fourth installment of the Unreal Tournament series (excluding unreal championship and Unreal) , it's a fast paced First Person Shooter which requires good respond rate from the LCD in order to frag-without-delay. Most FPS veterans are capable of differentiate a 2ms and 5ms, although sometimes LCD with a 2ms rating will not guarantee to work as the exact 2ms rated.


The first thing I did was firing up a Deathmatch with 20 bots in skilled difficulty and with god mode enabled in order to test the game without getting fragged.
Running at the resolution of 1920x1080, with my pc generating a constant 40 Frames Per Sec (FPS) with Framerate Smoothing disabled, i find that the Acer H233H is still able to display static objects and dynamic objects fast enough if the player is not a crazy strafer HOWEVER, if the player is a Quake style mad strafer, I think the LCD will not be able to fully satisfy the needs unless it's a CRT we're talking about.
Unreal Tournament series and the Quake series are natural fast paced game compare to the usual conventional modern shooter.

The Acer H233H's UT3 respond is somewhere near my previously owned Samsung 2253LW but not on par of it. Nevertheless, it's still fast enough for keeping yourself on the top 3 in the 20 adapt skilled bot ladder.



A newly released Ghostbuster which continues as the sequel for the movie. This game served as our casual game test where it requires less strafing to prove whether the LCD is suitable for the casual gamers usage.


A slower third person shooting game which serves as our console simulation test on PC desktop LCD displays. After firing up GB (Ghostbusters) at the final boss stage, the Acer H233H displays the object flawlessly even if i'm mad strafing around busting the final boss's @ss.

This shows the Acer H233H is qualified for console games for sure. Hook up with a PS3 or Xbox360 to it's build in HDMI port and you're ready to go !



A well known second installment of the WWII first person shooter developed by InfinityWard. This game serves as our fast pace gaming test. It is no doubt a four year old game but still serves as our main FPS game with its oh-still-stunning visual. COD4 is not being tested as the game's bloom effect are too exposed compared to COD2.


As for the famous COD2, image quality is still superb and capable of displaying objects fast enough to sweep the "Nuts" machine gunners. However on certain dark places in COD2 like tunnels with concrete wall, the textures may look strange, it is mostly due to the game texture itself and the color might be grey-ish on surface bump-mapping.



Terminator Salvation 4 min 1080p trailer, Silent City 720p, I am Legend 1080p, Shrek The Third, 60sec Fraps recorded COD2 gameplay.

Three of the movie trailers turned out great responds great except the colors are abit on the grey-ish side due to quicktime mov files with default color profiles. However on Shrek The Third 720p and COD 2 1080 res .avi file shows more vibrant colour and movies turns out great with the Acer H233H.



After testing the usual tests when I get my hands on new LCD, these basic tests showed how well the Acer H233H performed in gaming , video and photographic usage.

The colour or image quality is very much near perfect, no back light bleed, no distortion, non static outputs on screen but the model which I got have small dead pixels that shows white during the screen shows black displays. Well, I guess I'm unlucky, nevertheless its unnoticeable during gaming or movie if the user sits at least a 50cm distance from the LCD. (no one will stick too close to any displays)

Acer is a well know brand for low priced product. By being low priced will place a question in our mind about it's product quality, well my friends think no further because the Acer H233H has proven to be a solid product on image quality and physical build. The Acer H233H is hanging on my wall with a wall mount, its solid, its fast and its beautiful ! With a price like RM650 for a 23.6inch, 1080p reso and HDMI capable 2ms LCD? What a bargain !

Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm back with A.I thoughts !

I'm back from a long sleep , well a three years sleep i think and which is quite long ago.
Now, i made list of "stuffs to update" list for the page and here goes :

TECH - Computers / Strange Tech / Old Tech (helpful for newbies) / Tech Review

FOOD - Meh my mom's food is teh best !

ENTERTAINMENT - Games for PC / Movies / Musics (seldom hunt for new songs)

Why 3 years and now back ? well, at first i wanted to make this blog as my main art blog, well it turns out differently after i've taken the I.T course. My art skills are rusty BUT still able to draw b00bs and guns. Heck, my friend Tommy even lol'ed at me for having the last updated post back in year 2006. (lol)


As i was having a poop in the toilet, i was thinking about the article i read in a magazine and it's about the future of Artificial Intelligence. I came up with a thought its very much impossible to get a A.I with perfect basic human intelligence done even in 50 years time.

As we all know Artificial Intelligence or so called A.I is an imperfect dream of lazy humans.
The main reason of creating an A.I is to help people save time and energy on doing things we're capable of doing thinking.
Some hoped for A.I with robotic shell to help us to wipe our ass do our daily stuffs like cooking, driving, cleaning, so on and so forth.

*Error : kicking human's Ass initiated*

Before A.I can be the A.I we watched in Terminators , I-Robot, or those funky smart A.Is, they need a natural intelligence which we humans cannot understand. The magazine which i read gave good examples on how should a A.I be and able to be.

Example, like given an event where a robot reaches a river with a row boat, the row boat can be safely used to cross the river according to the logic of the robot. The logic must be pre-programmed into the robot in order to enable it to understand the boat is used for crossing the river. What happens when the boat needs repair or had some damages that could cause the boat to break during the process of crossing the river ?

This is just the basics but its already proven pre-programming knowledge into the robot will not qualify it as "Intelligent". Unlike humans, we easily knows a bear is dangerous even we never seen one before, why ? Predators kills, predators hunt, predators are armed with natural weapons like claws and their powerful speed and strength. Lion is a predator, it has four legs, large bushy hair and a cat face, but a bear can be tall standing or big and crawling with a dog's face. How does the robot responds when the data of the bear is not in the robot's information database ?

In order to let the robot understand the environment and nature naturally without evolution is very hard unless there's a few thousand or million of scientists willing to sacrifice their life to pre-program the knowledge into a robot's brain. Which doesn't make the robot intelligent as said. To enable the robot to think , reason and judge like humans without the help of pre-programing will need alot of processing power and time.


Robots need to regconize objects and items through shape recognition which is a pain in the ass.
Give it a dildo, it wont even know wtf is it for unless you program it telling its for pleasure use only for humans, unless the bot is a specifically build sex bot like him :


" The robot has the three law (fiction) which was written by Isaac Asimov : (quoted from wiki)
  1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
  2. A robot must obey any orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
  3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law. "
Well, judging from it, there so much flaws in the law and yet so perfect to be implemented. Robots in movies like I-Robot or A.I shows a robot will not harm any human until they have their own emotionally govern reasoning. There's not much to say here as the 3 laws has explained them self alot. lol


I've came across a graph showing how much performance scaling have changed since the first microprocessor was build, it gave examples on how much a current Intel Core2Quad can be equally smart as a bug, but that was another chart.

However this shows an example what we have now :

Well, this covers on what i had in my thoughts, there's more but too much to be typed.