Thursday, December 30, 2010

PC Hardware News : Gigabyte's new gaming motherboards

Gigabyte G1-Killer microsite

Looks like Gigabyte started to roll out their gaming line after so many years where ASUS keeps rolling the ROG and Sabertooth series for the enthusiasts or hardcore gamers. I can't wait to see what features the G1-Killer have to offer comparing to the competitor's gaming line, hope it's not some fancy bullcrap heat sink add-on and "over 9000+ !!!" VRMs like most gaming motherboards do.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Tron Legacy 3D

Man, I went for this movie today ! IT WAS A BLAST !
Can't wait to play the game Tron Evolution in 3D.

Plus the soundtrack is gonna be in my album list Daft Punk !!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

News : AMD Radeon 6950 and 6970 !

Boy oh boy, sure is fast for AMD to release nearly full range of the sixth series of their Radeon HD GPUs.
This time again like the previous 6850 and 6870, tesselation performance have been improved over the 5th gen plus some updated video ports and some overclocking features.

*Image courtesy of Tom's Hardware

Looking at the patern, it looks like we're having like new GPUs on the market every 3 weeks no ?
Personally, seems like AMD almost* playing the same game Nvidia did most of the time, now they'll have to manage the pricing of the previous HD 5th series products and fix a price for the new HD 6th series else it'll make a mess for consumers.

Source :
Tom's Hardware

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Software News : 3DMark 11 Released !

Finally, the long awaited benchmark from Futuremark is released !
It comes with a few version like previously, except now the basic edition offers unlimited runs and without expiry and best of all ? it's free ! Anyway, I'll be back once I've got my scores running !

3DMark 11 Free Download

Hardware News : Lian-Li PC-X500FX

Lian-Li released a new casing which very much looks like a slimmed version of the Lian-Li PC-X2000F. Well, my thoughts ? this new X500FX still looks as good as the high-end part, as for the price ? not sure about that but expected to somewhere near the X2000F brother's price.

Monday, December 6, 2010