Wednesday, January 9, 2013

TechNews : TrackingPoint - Linux Powered Rifle < Hot damn !

The PGF isn't just a fancy scope on top of a rifle. All together, the PGF is made up of a firearm, a modified trigger mechanism with variable weighting, the computerized digital tracking scope, and hand-loaded match grade rounds (which you need to purchase from TrackingPoint). This is a little like selling both the razor and the razor blades, but the rounds must be manufactured to tight tolerances since precise guidance of a round to a target by the rifle's computer requires that the round perform within known boundaries.
Well hot damn, this gun also automatically adjusts the trigger sensitivity to reduce uncertainty of the shooter and the target. My point of view ? its a new baby toy for new generations of shooters. Its like have a console to cheat while shooting, nice. They just brought auto-aim to us.

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