Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm back with A.I thoughts !

I'm back from a long sleep , well a three years sleep i think and which is quite long ago.
Now, i made list of "stuffs to update" list for the page and here goes :

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Why 3 years and now back ? well, at first i wanted to make this blog as my main art blog, well it turns out differently after i've taken the I.T course. My art skills are rusty BUT still able to draw b00bs and guns. Heck, my friend Tommy even lol'ed at me for having the last updated post back in year 2006. (lol)


As i was having a poop in the toilet, i was thinking about the article i read in a magazine and it's about the future of Artificial Intelligence. I came up with a thought its very much impossible to get a A.I with perfect basic human intelligence done even in 50 years time.

As we all know Artificial Intelligence or so called A.I is an imperfect dream of lazy humans.
The main reason of creating an A.I is to help people save time and energy on doing things we're capable of doing thinking.
Some hoped for A.I with robotic shell to help us to wipe our ass do our daily stuffs like cooking, driving, cleaning, so on and so forth.

*Error : kicking human's Ass initiated*

Before A.I can be the A.I we watched in Terminators , I-Robot, or those funky smart A.Is, they need a natural intelligence which we humans cannot understand. The magazine which i read gave good examples on how should a A.I be and able to be.

Example, like given an event where a robot reaches a river with a row boat, the row boat can be safely used to cross the river according to the logic of the robot. The logic must be pre-programmed into the robot in order to enable it to understand the boat is used for crossing the river. What happens when the boat needs repair or had some damages that could cause the boat to break during the process of crossing the river ?

This is just the basics but its already proven pre-programming knowledge into the robot will not qualify it as "Intelligent". Unlike humans, we easily knows a bear is dangerous even we never seen one before, why ? Predators kills, predators hunt, predators are armed with natural weapons like claws and their powerful speed and strength. Lion is a predator, it has four legs, large bushy hair and a cat face, but a bear can be tall standing or big and crawling with a dog's face. How does the robot responds when the data of the bear is not in the robot's information database ?

In order to let the robot understand the environment and nature naturally without evolution is very hard unless there's a few thousand or million of scientists willing to sacrifice their life to pre-program the knowledge into a robot's brain. Which doesn't make the robot intelligent as said. To enable the robot to think , reason and judge like humans without the help of pre-programing will need alot of processing power and time.


Robots need to regconize objects and items through shape recognition which is a pain in the ass.
Give it a dildo, it wont even know wtf is it for unless you program it telling its for pleasure use only for humans, unless the bot is a specifically build sex bot like him :


" The robot has the three law (fiction) which was written by Isaac Asimov : (quoted from wiki)
  1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
  2. A robot must obey any orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
  3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law. "
Well, judging from it, there so much flaws in the law and yet so perfect to be implemented. Robots in movies like I-Robot or A.I shows a robot will not harm any human until they have their own emotionally govern reasoning. There's not much to say here as the 3 laws has explained them self alot. lol


I've came across a graph showing how much performance scaling have changed since the first microprocessor was build, it gave examples on how much a current Intel Core2Quad can be equally smart as a bug, but that was another chart.

However this shows an example what we have now :

Well, this covers on what i had in my thoughts, there's more but too much to be typed.

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