Tuesday, December 8, 2009

GPU UPDATES : Nvidia's Fermi

"The GeForce 310 was released on November 27, 2009, but is another rebrand of Nvidia's older DirectX 10.1 cards rather than the newer DirectX 11 technology. It is unknown when the upcoming 300 series will be released with Direct3D 11, Shader Model 5.0, and GDDR5 memory support. It is expected to be fabricated on 40 nm process, with a target release at the end of 2009"

Quoted from Wiki

Looks like Nvidia is using the same old lame re-branding tactics again like how they did to the Geforce 2 / 4 series and the Geforce 8/9/GTX(S) 2 series. It'll be big trouble when there's no DX11 ready card from them in 2010 Q1. If they do, release it ASAP, they better make it cheaper, faster and costs lesser than the current GTX cards and its shit tired using or even looking at re-branded stuffs.

For now, we have Dirt 2 and Stalker : COP using DX11's new functions and technique especially tessellation. ATI's 5 series showcased superb performance over the GTX 285 or even the GTX 295 at rough 20% more speed and costs less in heat, power and price ! For now, RED FTW !!1!! lol !

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