Wednesday, August 11, 2010

[PC HARDWARE NEWS] My new favourite optical mouse ! LOL !


Look at the design and the configurations !! Hot damn it sure gives a good refreshing looks in mouse design. 
The main thing that caught my attention is the capability of adjusting the mouse to suit your claw or palm usage, basically just imagine a transformable mouse. (This kicks the sh1t out of some mouse designs where they only stick to so few where so many different types of natural human palms to combine with)

Second thing is the red thumb button where....its a sniper's best friend, pressing or holding that enables the pre-set sniping sensitivity to kick in action, releasing it well vice versa.

Need to say more ? having 3 different palm rests to choose from, its a killer mouse ! 

Starting from 49 USD to 129 USD with 4 different variation to choose from, converting it back to MYR and it gets around 160+ MYR basic, still it kicks some overrated RAZ0R mouse I've tested.

Man this is in my TO GET LIST now !  LOL !

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