Friday, September 3, 2010

My personal rant : People who demands something without even actually knowing its value

Ok, these few days have been intense for me and I have to make a point to those who are still having their blurry head whenever they expect people to do things for them but doesn't actually appreciate it fully.
This however I am willingly to admit is my friend Alexander who brought these ideas for me to write. BUT DON'T misunderstood because I'm not doing a full fledged flame on you, you are the idea of this good post and a waking call to the others.

First of all, i got my fingers injured and I'm still fixing PC in a rushing state. Why the rush ? yes, seems like some people just can't control their excitement over something they bought, and if you notice I used "they" and it means not only one but to most of them who have their PC fixed or decorated by me.

Just recent with few of my fingers suffers from cuts, I got a few friends who requested me to help them to assemble the PC, and i did it free of charge because its for my friends and no money talk is required, I do it for the sake of friendship and experience. And I'm not doing one charity work, there are others I do help especially those who understands my capability and results, especially those who knew me long ago, old friends.

Now, its not this time that causes my outrage on such cases. After so many years of assembling PCs, on hardware basis I can assemble a half-baked PC within 15 min or a completely perfect cable managed PC within 3 hrs, yes 3 hours might sound pushing because I tend to go the further mile to make sure it doesn't cause problems in the future.

Take cable management for instance, there are azzholes that think cable management is as simple as screwing a screw into a hole. Cable management to say , considered as an ART of the computer assembling process. Why ? because each computer chasis, each hardware have their own unique attribute that causes the result to differ each and everytime a different computer setup is done.
I know a few dudes a few years back, who i did some cable management for them, they complaints that my skills isn't perfect and my work sucks. Well yeah i admit and guess what ? you rushed and i rushed and its a fair piece, blame it on why you never understand a unique skill's value. A lesson for them ? = never rush a work of art. At the same time, they compare my rushed results with the works of perfectly timed consuming results that requires more than a few hours, bravo !
(btw, those dude turned out sticking to some money sucking vampire technician and they love eachother !)

(Go watch toy story 2 if you still don't understand the meaning of "never rush a work of art")

Second of all, most of these people doesn't care much what my time costs for doing some charity work. They rant behind my back saying my work is shit. Well, who cares ? those who knows what I'm capable of automatically gives me the time i need to get it done good, and when I mean good I make it really good. Even if they don't rant, they'll like "I'm paying and I want it today !" or " Do it or it'll soil your name" attitude.

It's your money, buy whatever you like and get whatever you like but don't come ranting me why I can't make it happen because of your ignorant towards my honest and humble advices.

So be it, from now on if you respect my skills and my works and requires my service, it's my call on time and advices you should follow if you're looking for me and it ain't the other way round. Don't like it ? leave quietly.
From now on, I will demand specific charges for my skills when I get pressured and it's not like I don't have any girlfriend and only sticking to computer buttsecks.

Seriously speaking, I do feel good after building 1 half-baked near perfect computer and 1 full baked perfectly setup computer, why the differences ? it's obvious. But I'm not gonna post pictures of what I did as I have proven myself too many times.

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