Friday, October 29, 2010

News : AMD Radeon HD6850 and 6870 ! Barts ! Barts ! Barts !

The new AMD Radeon 6 series, Barts core ! Yes, what took me so long to post this ? I'm pretty busy recently. lol
Now I've read through the review webs and let me make up a short conclusion of it.

"Be ready to see more improvements of the 6 series over the 5 series and 5 is gonna get pain in the ass!"

Noticeably, the improvements are better Tessellation performance, better thermal/power management, new Anti-Alias/Anisotropic methods and finally, 3D ! But not to mistaken, its not a direct replacement of the Radeon 5850 and 5870, it can be an cannot...depends on how you see it.
The recent 6850 is more of a direct head-to-head for the Nvidia GTX460 768mb and to fill in the gap of 5770 and 5850. As for the 6870 it's a direct competitor rank to the Nvidia GTX460 1gb and even the GTX470 too !

The most noticeable was the performance on higher resolution and power usage of the two new Radeon cards, sporting 10w~20w lesser to the competitor's solution. Oh boy they did fill in the gap against the GTX460.
At the same time, rumors are around that GTX580 and Radeon 69xx coming soon in a month or two.
Pricing will be a confusion, somewhat priced below the Radeon 5 series brothers..again to fill the gap.

My final words ? Read the reviews !!

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