Monday, September 19, 2011

Thoughts on current gen HID (Human Inteface Design) - The Mouse Legacy (Part 1)

Point devices are used mostly with complex tasks like 3D to medical situations, keyboards, there's not much changes except for the Optimus Maximus which is amazing actually. 

Well, after seeing the new update article on Tom's Hardware days ago about the Corsair new gaming hardwares, the mouse caught my eye and reminds me of the Cyborg R.A.T mouse which having almost the same functionality. Recent bloom of multi-touch capable devices and it's no surprise lots of designs will be based on it and what's left with the old drag and click mouse is to enhance it, just like how the CPUs started included a memory controller and more cores, what is left is to squeeze more efficiency out of it until a new design surfaces.

(I still remember back then when I suggestied some touch functionality on household appliances, and my lecturer laughed at my idea, today the world is filled with touchscreens, everywhere...anywhere.) 
My idea wasn't just for blings, it was the practical use like cooks don't need to do hard cleaning when there's sauce stuck in the oven buttons or some mechanics worrying their oily fingers might stain their machine buttons, with a little cleaning liquid and cloth, simple rub keeps the touch interface clean.

After all of this, It makes me wonder what will be the next revolutionary design ? we have old ball mouse to scroll-ball mouse to optical/laser mouse to multi-touch button-less mouse and along the way with various customizable functions from hardware to software. 
(Seriously, I think the Apple Magic Mouse is under-utilized until today as there is more that can be done with it.)

Lemme do a quick guess, its gonna be our finger tips and after that, our thoughts ! Hold on ! We've have those already, but is it good enough yet, It doesn't requires any touch on any surfaces but the interface must be big enough to do a accurate interaction. Upcoming part two, more about HIDs ! 

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