Saturday, June 2, 2012

[Tech News] BD's Cheetah and Sand Flea

The last i checked on Boston Dynamics's creation was the "Petman", a humanoid like robot. Just recently a month ago i checked back and saw these babies, oh god i want one of those ! The Cheetah, my dog will freak out so bad seeing them.

RHex is kinda impressive, suited for rough terrain. Just imagine they made these back in Vietnam war for the bad times or deployed during post-earthquakes conditions.
Sand Flea is a good flea for a toy if you catch my drift. Can't wait to attach speakers on them and do shouts on people's roof. Just imagine how far human technologies can go in the next few years, we already have prosthetic limbs that works close alike to our natural limbs and helped although currently only those who can afford. Inspector Gadget, anyone ?

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