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Cyborg R.A.T. 5 Gaming Mouse Review


The Cyborg R.A.T mouse caught my eye for sometime now, it’s one of my most wanted gaming peripheral aside from the Maximus Optimus keyboard. 

The R.A.T. comes in 4 models, the “3”, “5”, “7” and the “9”. The 3 is the normal and simple non-adjustable type while each numbers progressively represents a more adjustable type. 

The only difference between 7 and 9 is 9’s a wireless model but consists the same functionality of the 7 with modular parts to replace like having different grips and wings etc (wish it can fly). The 5, lacks some of the capability of the 7 like…..shit it’s too complicated to explain. Watch some videos then. 

You can check out the 7 here and imagine the 7 being wireless, you get a 9. Easy peasy.

Head Clearing Section - Usability
First let me explain about my view on what is a good mouse. This is for clearing the misunderstanding biasness, I’m basically choosing this mouse is due to the reason of having adjustable configuration of the mouse. As a HID (human interface device), it has to be extremely configurable based on different occasion like normal web usage, gaming, light art creations etc. 

I try not to mention some brands here, especially with the few current famous but overhyped brands which tend to over promote its gaming capability and functionalities.
Lets break down how to choose a perfect or at least near perfect mouse, even there’s no such thing as 100% perfect. 

This is the most important part of choosing a mouse, unlike choosing a computer casing or the aesthetics , it affects the user’s experience in long term basis which is a very big deal.
You don’t wanna get serious RSI don’t you ?

Method of Judgment
Now, the difference of over-promoting and promoting its functionality is close but different.
Over-promoted tend to glorified too much of the functions and blinding off the actual advantage and disadvantage of the product while promote is more of an introduction and explanation (yes, seriously).
Ie; able to do OVER9000!!11! APMs like a fukken pro ! <<< screw this shit !

Now on the looks part, it doesn’t really matters much, what matters is the feeling and the comfort of the mouse.
But if the comfort is what you want, you may look for a mouse with similar comfort but with more bling. 

Now this is important, nobody wants a good stuff gets worn out too quick due to heavy usage. The material used on the mouse affects us in long term usage plus you don’t want to go mouse hunting unless you have an obsession of collecting various mouse. But when a mouse have to go, it has to go. 

Finally this justifies whether if the mouse is worth such price for its comfort, build quality, and bundles.
If its crap plastic, its crap no matter how over-promoted it is.
Now I’m doing this mouse review like a usual middle-man minded style even though I’ve paid for it and eyed for it since its announcement.
If any part of it sucks, it sucks and gets blasted in words.

Showoff Zone
Tech Specs
  • DPI range - 125-4000dpi (in 125dpi steps)
  • Acceleration - 30G
  • Polling Rate -Dynamic up to 500Hz
  • Tracking Speed - Up to 2.8m/sec
  • Always On
  • PTFE "Slick" Feet
  • Gold plated connector
  • Braided USB cable

As usual, the box outlook before showing the insides

Ok, first I gotta say it reminds me of my action figures when they first unboxed with cable ties around their limbs etc.
Above shows how the mouse is being locked in place and the weight storage.

 These are the contents of box

Front view

 Top view showing the mode button (left next to left click) and real time DPI increase/decrease below the center scroll wheel

Rear view showing the thumb-buttons and weight system

 Gold plated connector and cable

 Bottom view of the aluminum frame and weight system

 Twin eye laser tracker thingy, it's operating and it doesn't show any lights.

This is how the mouse looks like when the palm rest is extended and the weight slots are filled with max weight doughnuts, lol.

Cyborg Smart Technology software for mouse function adjustments

Judgement time !

Okay, now let me say a few things about the model types. I do like how the placed the products in terms of price/value compare to some other gaming mouse especially with the customization on the 5/7/9. Personally I'd take the R.A.T. 7 but it seems like I can't find any on local retail (prefer going to shops and showrooms), R.A.T 9 however is just a wireless version of the 7.

The R.A.T 5 so far gives me the pleasure of head shooting bots real friggin far away with sniper in UT3 which is amazing all thanks to the red tiny button that allows me to reduce the DPI real time when in sniping mode instead of relying on the a single DPI setting. Let me snow you how far can I do a head shot in UT3.

 Thanks fraps for the awesome capture tool !

Ignore the full weapon list, I have to use "loaded" command to load myself a sniper rifle even though its 20 steps away, just to show you anyway. Tested on Torlan Classic map in UT3, taken in video first, then screen shots from video.

As you can see above single shot head shot, notice bullet count and distance. In UT3 my mouse sensitivity is quite high due to my skills are more of a close combat monkey using flak cannon, bio rifle or the red hot tri-barrel rocket. I'm proud to say, this mouse actually enabled me to snipe in UT3 without missing much like I used to, lol.
Seriously, I'm able to snipe further but the bots ain't running further up but downstream of the river.
Nuff said on gaming, I can snipe further without missing much now !


The R.A.T. 5 design is pretty good if you ask me, but there is something I like to note about why I prefer the R.A.T 7. 
The 5 does not have the adjustable height for the palm rest but ONLY length and same goes to the thumb rest which cannot be adjusted like R.A.T. 7 does. But hey, it's a R.A.T 5 isn't it ? 
Given the price point it's acceptable. So far I've gotten used to the mouse and starting to speed up because when I first using the mouse, it feels awkward especially the feeling at the palm and thumb rest area. 
The weight does help alot, especially into shooting games while waiting for a prey into your scope with your mouse in your palms idle, you don't want sudden unnecessary mouse movements.


Now this rat does pack a punch with so many customizable buttons and wheels. 5 buttons excluding the center click via wheel, you get to program the macro keys via Cyborg ST (Smart Technology) software.
For example :
Well, its a bit too much isn't it ? Still it shows you what it can do. Other than that its even capable of doing non-gaming functions while in desktop, which comes the help of managing profiles via ST tool.

Aesthetics & Durability - The Looks and the Toughness

Seriously, its one badass looking mouse non can compete in terms of looks compare to the rat. The aluminum frame does help the mouse hold up as a solid piece of hardware instead of the, opps !
Other than the frame, the locking mechanism on the mouse is solid as it is with the need for hex key or allen key to open it up. Plus the weight does help making the mouse feels more solid. 

Value of product 

Well, this mouse is priced around RM260 locally in Malaysia and truthfully ? not many people knows about this mouse if I mentioned to the general population around me even the computer literate ones or even the gamers. (yes, its a sad mouse world for rat over here).

As you can see the circle, which is the most obvious of the both picture, the big circle seems abit more smoother if you look carefully.

The R.A.T. 5 actually does alot more than gaming, while playing with some drawing in Adobe Photoshop the real time switching helps reduce the sensitivity of the cursor while doing lasso or some sketching.
If you ask me if its worth every cent I paid ? hell yea ! Its one kickass mouse I'll stick for years to come until it breaks down by diablo-ed to death.

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