Friday, October 2, 2009


I was very bored today after cleaning up my room, so i was wondering what games should i play. Since i completed most of the games, i fired up RD: GRID with one reason in my mind : hit max drift combo in max race laps.

So, after firing up the game i hit straight and notice the lap can be only set to "50" maximum drift GP race laps with Extreme bots, ok then ! lets go !

I've done non breaking combo drifts in normal 3~5 laps race, but not a god-damned "50" lap combo !

After placing all my mental focus on the first max combo run at "99", bad things happened.

I was hoping to continue doing combos till the last 50th lap, somehow i lost focus during the 10th plus lap and went off track and went rage mode by crashing those stupid bots. (: P)

Before i quit, i rested for a few seconds by stopping the car at the middle of the track, then i kept trying again and failed at 80+ combo on second attempt.After second attempt i switched from right hand to left hand to control the D-buttons. Instead of stopping the race, i went on without noticing what I'm doing.

Third try and final results..

I finally reached "99" again during the third attempt and then only i realize the max combo is set to "99" max, man it was satisfying but i wish it can go beyond that especially unlimited combo (yes, I just learnt that "99" is the max after the third try for max combo on the 45th lap).
The final score was 1.4 billion, if not mistaken it could be higher than 2 billion score if the combo is continuous from first lap to last lap. (will try next time)

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