Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lets talk about my favourite 2 wheel vehicle : Motocycles

I had my motorcycle license along with my car license, I had the same driving exam done at the same day and it was a friggin' experience for me as i need to remember two different set of basic hand signs for the bloody Perodua Kancil and the worthy Honda EX5 kapchai.

This baby escudo is a 1000bhp machine, no joke ! Been lovin't it since 2000 !

I've lost interests in fast cars since i'm 13, but i still do like a few, namely Subaru Imprezas (i do wish for one) , or McLaren F1 (Still in my favourite list, even though there are faster cars). For now, I'm interested on 4WD or Sub-compact cars like the ol' rally version of Peugeot 206.
Why I'm intereted in is the 4WD kind of vehicle ? It beats running into potholes in K.L or whatever a Malaysian road have in store for you. 

The Harley XL1200L and the Ducati Monster

Other than 4WD vehicles, I've developed an interest in motorcycles, especially cruiser bikes or the sports bike shown above. Why bikes ? i've been encountering this question or responds such as "Bikes are dangerous...".

Well my friend, on safety issue a car is as equally dangerous on a high way while moving fast like 80~120km/h. I , myself is not a road rage kind of road user and I swear (70~80 km/h is my max driving speed). The main reason for getting bike is to save fuel or doing short distance travel.
If a biker is careful and aware of the surrounding enough, its safe enough to travel further. I've seen so many car accidents or bike accidents, I dare say most of these driver or rider are careless road users (flame me! i dare you) like doing zig zags between traffics, turning without noticing the surroundings.

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