Friday, October 16, 2009

PC Hardware Preview : Logitech X-540 Surround System

Good news is.......Yee haw ! I have finally got myself some surround sound action !
Here's some pictures for starters.

This is the newly unopened box looks like. About the box....hmmm....see the next picture.

Now, about the box, i think its crafted in Japan. Its sharp, it brings hurt and pain. ( I'm kidding about this).
But some part of it is true, thats blood from my finger. The cardboard box's edges was so hard and well cut it somehow capable of delivering a cut onto my finger.
I've got some bad news as well.... read on.

The bad news is, well its a preview and i wont be doing any full noob review until i had some free time. But some short words on it, it friggin' rocks ! ! I'll post a full review sometime after 26th . Stay tuned ! and btw, here's a picture on how it looks like when unpacked, don't mind the mess, I'm gonna mount it on the wall later.

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